What we do

Premier Thoroughbred Racing specialises in putting together small groups of people to share in racehorses trained by the country's leading trainers. This enables individuals to own a share in a racehorse and experience the thrill of horse racing without enduring the high cost normally associated with racehorse ownership.



The PTR team are a group of friends that were initially brought together by their joint love for horse racing. The team have owned a number of racehorses together and separately and the first horse they bought together, Little Carmela was the flag bearer before she sadly passed during foaling in 2019. She was much loved and will be sorely missed! 


The aim of the team is to bring like-minded people together, to share in the excitement of racehorse ownership and become friends. Small groups of people will share the experience and excitement of racehorse ownership at an affordable level. 


All owners with PTR can expect a unique high level of personal service and each owner will be treated as if they owned their horses outright. Constant updates and stable visits organised by the PTR team will keep each owner regularly informed as to the progress of their horse. 


The regular visits to the trainers yard will give owners the chance to take a behind the scenes look at how top trainers yards operate and see their horses in training and provide an opportunity to talk to their trainer directly. 


One thing that the PTR team will guarantee is that all owners will have an enjoyable and memorable experience at and away from the race course. 


Owners and trainers

Enjoy the racecourse experience from an owner’s perspective with complimentary Owners & Trainers badges every time your horse runs. Chat to your jockey and trainer in the parade ring before the race and hopefully see your horse in the winner’s enclosure

no hidden costs

A one off monthly fee that includes all training fees, race expenses*, vet's bills*, insurance etc. giving you peace of mind that all is being professionally managed for you 

*Races overseas & unforeseen veterinary treatment may require additional fees

How it works


Premier Thoroughbred Racing offers typical syndicates with up to 12 shares per horse and each shareholder then enters an agreement with the company to share the prize money, appearance money and the proceeds from the sale of the horses once the agreement has terminated. We are happy to tailor syndicates to suit the customers requirements.


The horses will run under the ownership of 'Premier Thoroughbred Racing' and will remain the company's property. 


The PTR team keep in close contact with the trainer and will provide shareholders with regular updates. Stable visits are also arranged on a frequent basis so the progress of the horse can be witnessed by everyone involved. In combination with the trainers, each horse is managed in order to maximize its potential and future value.


The duration of each syndicate will vary depending on the horse, but generally it will be between 12 and 24 months. The horses may be sold at any time throughout the duration of the agreement and any attractive offer is always carefully considered.


Once the agreement ends, the horse is sold and the accounts are reviewed. Any surplus of income over expenditure is distributed to the shareholders in accordance with their % share. In the unlikely event of a deficit, the cost will be covered by PTR thereby ensuring that no further calls for funds are ever made.